DIY Catapult

The children from The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” shared the idea of this wonderful catapult with us. The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” was established by a group of professionals who make performances with puppets and carry out projects to develop the imagination, creativity and art art skills for the kids between 7 and 19.
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Bekijk de video en download de templates over waterdieren van papier.
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Alphabet Crowns

Young Bulgarian Voices New York preparing their letter crowns for an open lesson next Sunday. The workshop in which the students used the letter components to construct their first initial was led by Meglena Zapreva.
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Fashion Design- craft project

 The children from The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel”  shared this wonderful idea with us. You’ll need few textile patches and imagination! Take a look these ideas: Fashion design templates. The Group for Kid’s Theater “Camel” was established by a group of professionals...
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Paper Venus Flytrap

Watch our video tutorial: How to Make Paper Venus Flytrap.
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Knutselen voor Ramadan

De leukste knutsels voor Ramadan op een rij.
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Knutselen voor Moederdag

De leukste verzamelingen met Moederdagknutsels op een rij.
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3D Paper Cherries

Bekijk de voorbeelden van de 3D kersen van papier.
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Strawberry Paper Craft

Bekijk de 3D voorbeelden van de aardbeien van papier.
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Save the Cracked Egg

See what Vihra ( has showed us – a brilliant idea how to hide the crack in the egg...
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Paasei met ecoline

Een creatieve opdracht van Anneke Damstra voor alle groepen.
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Toilet Roll Bunny

Print the templates from here, watch the video.
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Knutsel een paashaas

Deze vrolijke Paashaas maak je gewoon van een lege WC rol. Leuk om met de kids te maken voor het gezellige Paasontbijt. De knutsel is eenvoudig te maken en je hebt er niet veel voor nodig.
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Knutselen met Pasen

De leukste knutsels voor Pasen verzameld op Yurls.
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Draw Me a Sheep

How to draw a sheep by using plastic bottle caps? There are plenty of ways.
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Paper Bunny Bookmark

Knutselsuggestie voor Pasen van Krokotak. Bekijk de video.
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Paper Roll Spring Chick

Knutselsuggestie van Krokotak. Bekijk de video.
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DIY Spring Crown

 Spring is coming! Have a look at the crowns created by the children from kid’s theater “Camel”
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Lente knutsels

De leukste bronnen met verwijzingen naar lente knutsels.
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Easy Paper Flowers

Easy Paper Flowers. Watch video and see more.
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Red and White Paper Dolls

 Watch video and see more.
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